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September 22, 2018 @ 3:30pm
374 Dupont Street, Toronto
A Boot Camp for your Soul!
Join Harvard trained author and coach, Elan Divon, for a workshop that will help you align with your purpose, breakthrough limiting beliefs, and develop the mindset, motivation, and practices essential for success and wellbeing.
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                                        BENEFITS & RESULTS 
  • Develop clarity of purpose
  • Understand what it takes to create lasting change
  • Identify mental blocks that are holding you back
  • Learn rituals that will boost your energy, confidence & wellbeing
  • Manage stress and anxiety
  • Join a community of likeminded people and develop friendships and a support system that will last beyond the program
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Heralded by Deepak Chopra as an emerging spiritual leader for the next generation, Elan is a Harvard-trained author, social entrepreneur, and speaker dedicated to helping people adapt, awaken, and thrive in an increasingly automated and chaotic world. More at  
“Elan’s passion and energy are contagious. A rising star, those who have the opportunity to meet and hear Elan immediately recognize his wisdom and impact!”
• Ambassador Haile Menkerios, former under Secretary General of The United Nations

“Elan has created an extraordinary workshop on how to live a more awakened and purpose-driven life. He’s packed thousands of years of ancient wisdom into a program that gives clarity, confidence, and a road map for success and spiritual transformation. Powerful! And a must!”

• Pamela London - Venice, CA

“All the tools and wisdom I gained from Elan’s workshops have helped me evolve, grow and develop a self awareness and mindset that helps me stay positive and excited about my future. I’ve disconnected from unhealthy relationships, faced my fears, and am on my way to achieving my career goals. It’s been amazing!”
• Europe Jama, Toronto

“Elan has an approach and style you won’t find anywhere else. Go see Elan. He is amazing!”

• Phil Daniels, Beverly Hills
Only a few spots left!